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Ice Cream – we all scream!

August 24, 2021

Touring through the eyes of the innkeeper.  Denise, the ultimate lover of ice cream, interjects this love into our personal travel planning. (think the 99 all across Ireland, Patagonia Chocolates – Ice Creamery & Chocolaterie in Queenstown NZ).  So here are a couple of our personal favs while you visit Lancaster County.  This is not a comprehensive list at all so for those not included we apologize.  If you have any of your own favorites let us know!  So when you are out and about take a break and partake in these treats!  Whether driving or biking our backroads and enjoying all that Lancaster County has to offer there’s always ice cream.  Ice cream in Lancaster County – nothing better!

  • Down on the Farm is exactly that – down on the farm and is located a short 5 minutes drive from us south of town.  On the west side of town is Chase’s favorite Son’s Ice Cream and their wide selection of soft serve.
  • A bit further afar and very close to Kitchen Kettle and everything that the town of Intercourse has to offer is our #1 – Lapp Valley Farm.  Another right on the farm.  In an interesting twist you can enjoy your hand dipped cone while actually petting the cows that contributed to that cone!
  • While visiting the Landis Valley Museum Village and Farm Museum the nearby Freeze and Frizz is a Lancaster County institution.  Serving pork, beef or ham bar-b-q they offer excellent selection of soft and and hand-dipped ice cream. Sure to bring on a brain freeze.
  • If your travels take you to the town of Ephrata a side trip to Fox Meadows in definitely in order.  Not sure who could do this but they have a homemade waffle cone that holds 4 dips! Their honeyed lavender ice cream is an interesting taste treat.  And even further north right on the County border is Boehringer’s in Adamstown.


Ice cream

Enjoy some of Lancaster County ice cream

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